Rituals - Ritueel / Exercise

Exercise on essential energy

1. Sit upright on a chair with a straight back. Close your eyes. The hands and feet must not touch.

2. Forget about the expectations you have regarding this exercise.

3. Pay attention to your breathing. As you breathe in, imagine breathing the very personal, essential energy of your soul through your mouth. Decide to let go with each exhale foreign energy and send away. Inhale yourself, exhale all others. Continue breathing in and out, fill your chest and empty it again. Breathe in and out, fill your abdomen, empty it again. Breathe in and out, breathing your essential energy into your legs and feet, breathing out all the other energy. Breathe more of yourself into your arms, breathe out all the others from your arms and hands. Now inhale your essential energy into the head and breathe out any foreign energy.

4. Have you seen a color or perceived it in your mind? If yes, which? Have you heard words that describe a color? A certain feeling, a certain state of consciousness felt? If so, what did you feel?

5. When you experience your essential energy, you will realize that you are not your body, not your car, not your home, not your thoughts or feelings. Nor are you what others say and think about

you. You are a soul, a divine and immortal being, a conscious energy being in a sea of energy. You are the deity in your personal universe, at a certain point of time, clearly differentiated from all other energy beings by vibrations of your own essential energy.

6. Stop exercising and open your eyes. If you have seen a color, what does it mean to you, what do you associate with it and why?



Meditation, path work and ritual

In meditation you let the symbol act on you in a deliberately induced deep relaxation.


In this state, the limit to your subconscious becomes lesser, and every deep knowledge can arise from the increased communication of the subconscious with the symbol within you.


Path work is a controlled sequence of universal images that act in the meditative state on your subconscious mind. The sequence vividly illustrates spiritual processes and lets them deeply affect your subconscious mind. Through this, deeper inner processes can be stimulated.


The ritual creates a concrete connection between inner experience and the physical world around you. All actions and objects occurring in the ritual are symbols that form a unity with your inner experience during the ritual. The fact that 'outward' causes inner cognitive processes and that 'inner' and 'outer' interact, promotes the concrete manifestation of your magical work in the world.


Even though these three categories of magical work can be clearly distinguished, they are very often combined in practical work: a meditation can be initiated and also stopped by ritual elements, and most rituals include meditation.


Path works can be also combined with meditation and ritual.

Recognize your mental and emotional abilities

Everything in this universe is made up of energy that vibrates at different frequencies.


All forms of life, places and all material objects are composed of tiny quanta of energy that are clearly differentiated from each other by their energetic vibrations.

The human body, cars, clothes, illnesses - all this consists of slowly vibrating energy on the physical level. every energy that constitutes material objects can be perceived with the five senses.  Non-material, psychic energy swings very fast and can be perceived with the psychic sensors. 

All thoughts, feelings and mental images are captured by the soul and have for them the same reality value as cars, money and houses. The soul sees these images as part of the material world. 

We all have the potential ability to separate these worlds to be more responsive to energy in our environment. Sensitive people can hear and feel these energies. They are more intuitive and empathetic, not only to the energies, but also to their fellow human beings.

Recognizing one's own energy gives us more independence from our environment, because we know our own energy world and also learn to use it.