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The Rain

Symbol The Rain

Association: - Release of emotions, - sometimes gentle and beneficial, sometimes dramatic and threatening. Question: - What feelings flow into me?⁠

The rain also comes down from heaven in a dream and fertilizes the earth. ⁠

This means that in the awake life we can reap the fruits of our (spiritual) work or our love, our hopes and wishes can come true. ⁠
If the rain lashes us stormily in the face, we will have to prepare ourselves for some difficultries in life.⁠

If we feel on our skin in a dream that the rain is warm, we can look forward to a 'warm rain', to an improvement in finances, especially since rain is always followed by sunshine. ⁠
But unfortunately you can sometimes go from bad to worse, that is, be disappointed with life. In the man's dream, the rain corresponds to the unsatisfied need for total relaxation. In a woman's dream, rain can represent the sexual act. ⁠
⁠It can also have a more general meaning and indicate the realization of opportunities at the group level. All people should be able to take advantage of the fertility that it brings with it.⁠

The Dew

Association: - gentle release of emotions. Question: - Which feelings can I express safely?⁠

Change and purification do not always have to take place through a cloudburst of feelings. ⁠
The dew in the dream signals to the dreaming that even tender, sometimes barely perceptible feelings can have a great effect.⁠

The Rainbow

Symbol: Rainbow⁠

Association: - promise, - visible blessing. Question: - What gives me courage? Where do I expect to find happiness?⁠

Usually the rainbow embodies creativity and imagination. ⁠

The rainbow that shows up in a dream is a symbol of hope and the promise of recovery. In reality it contains all the colors of the light spectrum. The expansion of consciousness and the receptivity to something fleeting like a rainbow indicates the need for sensitized perception. ⁠

Therefore it is considered in the dream as a symbol for the union of opposites, especially between understanding and feeling, which leads to inner harmony. Specifically, he often asks to reconcile with someone else.⁠



Thunder has always been the symbol of power and energy. ⁠

In connection with lightning, it was considered a tool of the gods. It could bring sadness and suffering as well as clearing things up. Thunder heard in a dream can be a warning of an impending emotional discharge due to pent-up anger, anger or other aggressive emotions. The dreaming has pent up this energy, which finally has to find an outlet because it can cause a lot of disaster - one must recognize this danger in time and defuse it as much as possible before it comes to quarrel and dissatisfaction. ⁠

However, these feelings can also have already discharged. ⁠

You have to interpret the respective other dream symbols in order to know why there is a thunderous crash.⁠

The Fog

#Symbol - The #Fog

#Association: - #restricted #view, - #confusion#Question: - Where in my life do I look for #clarity?⁠

The fog is a sign of #uncertainty#doubt and #hallucinations in the #dream. ⁠

In reality, as in a dream, people cannot #orient themselves in the fog or #recognize their surroundings exactly. It is the symbol for the #obstacles and inhibitions that take away our clear #vision in waking life, the #aimlessness that #hinders us from mastering everyday life. A walk in the fog includes a warning that the #dreamer overestimates things, the true content of which is 'clouded over' by the #judgment of other people. Perhaps it would be #wiser if he kept quiet and waited for a while. In addition, fog in the dream can also refer to a transition stage, to a change from one state of #consciousness to another. ⁠

If you can't see anything in the dream because of the fog, you should perhaps rely on others, - because your own strength will not be enough to assert yourself in life.⁠

The Sunset

Association: - rest, completion of a cycle, - letting go. Question: - What have I accomplished?⁠

Either one should conclude a certain matter now, or the dream is an indication of a calm, happy old age - contemplation, silence and reflection are now good helpers on the path of life.⁠