The Goat

Association: lustful power, - unceasing energy, - omnivores. Question: - What am I determined to do?


Goat is commonly understood as a symbol of contentment and perseverance, which helps to cope successfully even in difficult situations, - sometimes it comes in (especially in the goat) also stubbornness, unreasonableness and aggressiveness to the fore, which are not very useful. In individual cases, it indicates with appropriate living conditions that one tries to pass on mistakes and responsibilities to a scapegoat or even as such is abused.


In the interpretation of a dream, which deals with goats, you must pay attention to the sex of the animal, because goat and goat have different meanings. The goat is in the dream a symbol of male instinct, obstinacy and aggressiveness. The goat, on the other hand, embodies agility, contentment and adaptability. She also complains in our dreams. Where the goat appears, we have to do in the awake life with someone who can do nothing right, whose criticism is partly justified. If goats jump funny through our dream image, we may be overcome by the cockiness or carelessness.

The Fish

Association: - emotion, - freedom of movement in the element of feelings, - inner self. Question: - What do I feel?


The idea that all life came out of the water is very widespread, it also corresponds to today's theory of evolution.


The dream signals to the dreamer that he has access to the collective unconscious. C.G. Jung sees the fish as a symbol of the self. Jung thus means the totality of consciousness and subconsciousness. They are to be regarded positively as food and thus as an expression of psychic energy, but also threatening danger as great living beings which we can not overcome, because they suddenly come upon us from the unfathomable depths (of consciousness!). A dream about fish establishes the connection to the emotional side of the dreaming. He makes clear that the talent of the dreaming is not in strategic thinking. Often, however, an instinctive response is more appropriate than analyzing a situation. Since he lives in the water and the water is a symbol of the unconscious, the fish also points to the subconscious-driven impulses of the dreaming, who are too suppressed or rejected, or there is the desire for children behind it. Even in Babylonia, fish was considered a phallic symbol. This then points to the emotional side of sexuality. However, to interpret the fish sexually generally would be too one-sided. The ancient Egyptians saw in the fish the symbol of the soul. In Buddhism, fish is considered a sign of spiritual power.


In my view, they outline the depth of the human soul. Depending on the concomitant circumstances, different individual interpretations arise.

Association: - work on spiritual or religious salvation, - letting go. Question: - What am I willing to forgive.


A priest is given responsibility for spiritual things. In the dream, he often represents the authority figure in whose hands the dreaming has taken control of his life.


When a priest emerges in the dreamer's dream, it usually testifies to his awareness of the more spiritual, knowing side of his self. Ancient Egyptian dream researchers believed that seeing a priest in the dream would soon earn you an honorable post.



A priest is a man of God, and perhaps the dreamer must realize that there is much to be learned for him on the material level as well as the spiritual level.