What is Spiritual House Cleaning

There are times when things seem a little too disorganised and untidy for comfort. Chaos in your home, at work, in that space inside your head or negative emotions and energies are stuck in your rooms.


It is hard to be happy about life when the mess, or bad feelings, is too much to handle. 


I can help you with a fresh start by revitalising and cleaning out those spaces cluttering up your life. We sweep away that junk at home, at work, in your relationships, in your mind.


Circumstances change in life, but creating an environment and attitude of positivity will be a constant. 


I work with:


- Qabbalistic Astrology

- Metamapping

- Meditation

- Qabbalah

- Qabbalastic Healing "Refuah"

- Rituals


What I will use of my methods depends on your situation. There is no "always working method".
Set aside at least 30 - 45 minutes for a first impression.
If you're dealing with a lot of "stuff" in your life, you may want to set aside even more time.


Every magical work is related to the four planes. A very brief explanation you will find as follows. During our work together I will get into this in more detail.

Our mind and our soul are in close relationship with each other and both can pass on their information to the consciousness.
The mind is attuned to the conditions of the material world.

For the other planes in life (astral, mental, spiritual) we can each create a different access.

Fire - Spiritual plane

Love and guidance of the higher self.

Air - Mental plane

A clear consciousness understands the higher worlds or limited thoughts obscure higher worlds.

Water - Astral plane

Astral visions of the higher worlds. Unbalanced emotions interrupt the show.


Is there something you need to learn about?


Earth - Material plane

The material world is shaped according to astral patterns.