The term meditation comes from the Latin word meditatio “reflection, contemplation, study, practice, preparation“. 


 There is a number of scientific studies which have documented the benefits of meditation in detail:


-Meditation encourages brain growth,

-Slows down the aging process and reduces stress and anxiety.


Neuroscientist and Harvard researcher Sara Lazar and her colleague  Jeremy Gray from the University of Yale have found out by means of magnetic resonance tomography examinations, that after only two months of regular meditation  (20 to 40 minutes a day) the density of grey matter has already increased. The more a person practices meditation, the more his brain will grow. It would also seem that the brain actually ages slower. People who meditate regularly therefore stay mentally fit longer than people who do not meditate. Also a distinct stress reducing and anxiety decreasing effect could be proven.

editation fortifies the immune system:


The psychology professor Richard Davidson from the University of Wisconsin and his team were able to show in a study, that after only two months of regular meditation, a distinct increase in the immune resistance was measurable. It was discovered by means of an influenza vaccination, that when the time was up the test persons had distinctly more antibodies in their blood than a control group. 

Meditation increases intelligence: In a study taken from the “Indian Journal of Medical Sciences” it was able to be proven through means of various intelligence tests and mathematical exercises, that a regular practice of altogether 30 minutes a day causes a distinct increase in intelligence after a period of one and a half years.

Meditation improves awareness and attention:


Regular and in particular intensive meditative practice  has a positive effect on our ability to pay attention. The researchers around Richard Davidson found out that a prolonged meditative practice leads to distinctly better results in attention tests.


Meditation helps us to develop compassion, universal love and positive emotions:


In another study from the University of Wisconsin, it was able to be proven that through regular meditation, positive emotions and virtues such as compassion and love for mankind, could be increased to such an extent that there was a measurable alteration to the test persons brain currents, having had them exposed to the right stimulations.


Through meditation we could therefore become more mentally active, intelligent, attentive, healthy, balanced and virtuous human beings. Even without any spiritual or occult purpose, meditation is simply for the reasons mentioned above an entirely rewarding activity which more than pays off.




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