Healing - Rituals

Our life in a performance society is subject to an enormous pace.

At the same time we feel the loss of traditional values that stem from the experiences of the collective life of our ancestors, in which we were integrated and now seem no longer transferable to us. It affects religious rituals as well as everyday life or rituals for special life situations such as weddings, baptisms, youth consecrations or confirmations, for dying and final farewell.


That makes our life superficial and bland, or we feel helpless, insecure and at the mercy of many situations. This in turn has the consequence that some life situations or experiences (such as the loss of people, home, job, lifetimes, etc.) cannot really be dealt with and depression, loneliness, fears, self-esteem disorders, discouragement or inability to live up to chronic illnesses are the result .


This requires seeing the individual life of a person and creating a corresponding ritual for everyone. So this is a very creative and natural process. It needs full attention. Stopping life for a moment and directing all senses and perception to a detail of life is a deeply meditative process, i.e. Medicine that releases love, love for oneself, one's neighbor, love for life and a deeper understanding of it.


A ritual (from the Latin ritualis, 'concerning the rite', ritual) is a mostly formal and often solemn festive act with a high symbolic content that proceeds according to predetermined rules.


Every honest ritual, no matter how simple, gives a feeling of connection and thus a deeply human experience in which a group, but also the individual, can feel secure.


A magical ritual produces a result that was planned.

Because the spirit forms the matter.


The self-made magical objects for a ritual create a bond that is unique. Because only in the processing of things does spirit arise, which becomes matter.

Because what is important in a functioning ritual (and in every successful act in life) is conviction. All of our impressions come through our senses and our brain creates our truth from them.


This is how a ritual works. All senses are addressed with symbols, language, movement and incense. Our brain reacts automatically to these influences and matter emerges from the spirit.

A ritual has to follow fixed rules so that a result can be achieved. Because even in the non-material world there are laws that cannot simply be repealed.