The most beautiful in the Olympic heaven is Venus / Aphrodite, the goddess of love.


Her place of birth is the sea (feelings), hence the name "Foamborn". Herbs are primarily dedicated to her that increase lust and zest for life (aphrodisiacs). Astrologically, their influence is mild and benevolent. Venus plants therefore round off recipes with too strong herbs and weaken their side effects.

The beauty of Venus is also evident in its plants. It gives them harmonious, soft shapes, pampers the eye with lush and colorful flowers and the nose with beguilingly sensual scents (often also moon). Venus plants are the most important components of love potions (damiana), perfumes (ylang-ylang), erotic body oils (rose) and cosmetic preparations (roof root, daisies). But they are also contained in vein (vein = Venus; e.g. witch hazel) and kidney recipes (bearberry) or in elixirs of life (lemon balm).


In psychotherapy they are indispensable because they cleanse the emotional world of emotional ballast (the Venus organ kidney is the organ of fear), make it more socially acceptable (principle of harmony) and convey self-confidence.


Assignments on the Tree of Life and Astrology


Venus - Nogah 


Venus is the ruler of the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra.


Colors on the tree of life:  green (queen scale), bright pink (traditional scale),bernstein (king scale and knight scale),  radiant yellow-green (prince scale),  olive-green with gold spoted (princess scale)


Path 16 on the tree of life (for Taurus)

Path 22 on the tree of life (for Libra)


Tarot card: Justice (Libra) and card 7 (Sefirah)

Tarot card:  Hierophant (Taurus) and card 7 (Sefirah)


Astro House 7: Partnership and Relations (Libra)

Astro Haus 2 : Material interests, finance, security (Taurus)


Assigned to the 7th Sefirah Netzach - Victory: -  Eternity, juice of life, creativity


God's name: Yod Heh Waw Heh Tzewaot


Archangel: Chaniel - Haniel (Grace of God)


Angel choir:  Elohim (Gods)


Topic: Love, Relations, Art



Venus Day:

Friday for Venus. Skin care and beauty. Nothing new to begin that should last. Venus is changeable, therefore better suited for changeable things. Still good for weddings, gambling, lotteries. Because Venus stands for little luck. Turning a disease into a cure. One swears to the climax of the illness so that it can get better. Dig up roots for healing spells. If you want to get rid of a disease you also have to cut your nails and then burn them or bury them under a tree.


Cosmic Principle : Spiritual creativity, lower mental level


Spiritual Experience: The vision of victorious beauty -  creativity


Symbols: The red rose, the belt


Magical picture: A beautiful naked woman


Moon in Libra:

To conjure up love spells, pleasure, happiness and musical inspiration and new friendships.


Moon in Taurus: 

Favored rituals on Taurus days in the waxing moon: Prosperity, finances, love and joie de vivre, growth, stability, material Affairs, real estate acquisition, rituals of thanksgiving, to protect what has been achieved and for physical and mental consolidation. Basically cheap for everyone Matters that require a solid, material foundation. Favored rituals on Taurus days in the waning moon: To let go of excessive self-criticism, curb harmful work anger, for Real estate sales, all rituals against unwanted weight or addictive behavior. Things that can get in the way of ritual success on a Taurus day: Expectations that are too high, formulations that are too specific, lack of flexibility. All of these statements apply to every day that the moon is in Taurus. Just before the time of a Taurus full moon or a Taurus dark moon but these energies are particularly effective.

aalresultateFavored rituals on Taurus days in the waxing moon:



Herbs: Lady's mantle, valerian, Benzoin, broom, betony, bucco, badger, marshmallow, verbena, tarragon, goose fingerwort, real bedstraw, lovage, allspice, couch grass, yarrow, daphne, cranesbill, yellow dead nettle, thuja, thyme, whalemail clay (wild thyme, ram),


Fruit: Apple, blackberry, strawberry, pomegranate, blueberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, lemon


Grain: oats


Animal: dove


Flowers: Lilac, daisy, geranium, goldenrod, ground vine, witch hazel, dog rose, heather, jasmine, chamomile, magnolia, lemon balm, diamond, marigold, rose, solomon's seal, wild pansy, violet, scabious


Vegetables: asparagus, onion


Tree: Birch, hazel, pine, larch, olive tree, horse chestnut, stinking nettle, tobacco


Metal: copper


Element: Earth


Astromedicine: Taurus: throat, neck. Venus: left elbow, skin, hair, sense of touch, integument. Microcosm, Libra: Navel, left loin, left hip, left leg, buttocks, kidneys


Vice: Manipulation, hedonism, pleasure addiction


Virtue: Charm, aesthetics, creativity, thinking, inspiration and enthusiasm


Archetype: Performing artist