The sun is in the center of all planets and is called Sol, Titan, Ilioa, Phebus, Apollo, Pean, Osiris and Diespiter by the ancients, both by the poets and by the historians.


The plants that are dominated by the sun smell pleasant, have a good taste, their flowers are yellow or reddish, have a majestic shape in growth, they love open and sunny places; its main power is to strengthen the heart and the vital organs, to clear the eyesight, to ward off poison or to neutralize any kind of witchcraft or the influence of evil planets



Assignments on the Tree of Life and Astrology


Sun - Shemeshs


The sun has only has the sign Leo for her house and in Aquarius the sun is in exile. It is elevated in the 19th degree Aries and has its fall in the 19th degree Libra.


Colors on the tree of life:  gold yellow (queen scale), gold & violet (traditional scale),pink (king scale and knight scale),  salmon (prince scale),  gold & amber (princess scale)


Path 19 on the tree of life from Gevurah to Chesed


Tarot card: Power (Leo) and all cards with 6 (Tiferet)


Astro House 5: creative things, self-expression


Assigned to the 6th Sefirah Tiferet - Beauty 


God's name: Yod Heh Wav Heh Eloah Ve-Daat (the all-knowing god)


Archangel: Rafeal (Healer of God)


Angel choir: Malachim (The Messengers)


Topic: Healing, Balance


Sun Day:

Sunday. Lucky day of the week. People born on this day are considered to be spirit seekers. Day is suitable for healing work. Only things can be done that are relaxing.


Cosmic Principle : Pure consciousness (lower and higher mental plane)


Spiritual Experience: The vision of the harmony of things


Symbols: The lamen, hexagram, rose cross, calvary cross (stands on one step), cube


Magical picture: majestic king


Moon in Leo; to influence superiors, to bind things to oneself, and for new vitality.


Herbs: Benedictine cabbage, savory, real diptame, dost (origanum), ivy, angelica, fennel, gauchheit, ginger, St. John's wort, coriander, real bedstraw, lovage, bay leaf, masterwort, nutmeg, clove, allspice, rosemary, celandine


Fruit: Lemon


Vegetables: Artichoke


Flowers: Aloe vera, arnica, yellow gentian, daisy, marigold, Solomon's seal, real cowslip, sunflower, red coneflower, wine, cypress


Tree: Ash, eucalyptus, galbanum, olive tree


Grain: wheat


Metal: gold


Element: Fire


Astromedicine: Leo: Heart

Sun: cardiovascular system, spine, general vitality


Vice (Tiferet): Arrogance, pride, vanity, know-it-all, selfishness


Virtue (Tiferet): Humility, devotion to the great, inner peace, willingness to sacrifice, equanimity, contentment


Archetype: King & Martyr