It is usually referred to as Saturn, but some authors refer to it as Chronor, Phoenon, Falcifer.


Assignments on the Tree of Life and Astrology


Saturn - Shabatai - The receiving form


Planet Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius & Capricorn. 


Colors on the tree of life: Sefirah Binah (black) Traditional Scale: multiple colours & green
King and Knight Scale : crimson
Prince Scale: dark brown
Princess Scale: pink with grey dots


Path on the tree 28 dark red (Aquarius)

Path on the tree 26 dark blue (Capricorn)


Tarot card: Devil (Path 26 Capricorn)

Tarot all card with 3  & all Queens (Binah)

Tarot card: Star (Path 28 Aquarius)


Astro House 11 Group interests (hopes), community ideals (friends)

Astro House 10 of career, social congestion, fame, medium coeli


Assigned to the sefirah  Binah -  Understanding - insight


God's name: Yod Heh Waw Heh Elohim- female and male united - conception


Archangel: Tzafqiel - Contemplation of God


Angel choir:  Aralim - Altars of god


Topic: Insight, calm, discipline


Cosmic Principle : Immortal higher self - spiritual plane


Symbols: the chalice, the triangle, the dark column (boas) and the outer garment of the concealment.


Magical picture: Old maternal woman


Moon in Aquarius: Love magic, communication to change stuck things

Moon in Capricorn: to materialize things. Fix things.


Herbs:  Thyme, mandrake, sprouting club moss, comfrey, benzoin, barberry, sour thorn, figwort, Cretan diptame, black hellebore, tobacco, black tea, thuja, knotweed, chicory, frankincense, horsetail


Fruits: Elderberry, deadly nightshade, pomegranate, wine


Vegetables: Bryony


Flowers: Ivy, blue monkshood, yellow monkshood, cruciferous gentian, venomous lettuce, oats, hemp, autumn crocus, shepherd's purse, evergreen, Icelandic moss, Madonna lily, seaweed, ergot, couch grass, hibernating horsetail, horned horn, violet, horned apple, pigeon


Tree: iron tree, yew, spruce, galbanum, pine, olive tree, fir, elm, cypress


Animal: crow


Element: Earth (Capricorn)

Element: Air (Aquarius)


Metal: lead


Astromedicine: Aquarius: Wasen, shins,  Capricorn: Knee Binah: right hemisphere, Saturn: Teeth, Bones


Vice: Limitation, avarice, excessive limitation


Virtue: To be silent


Archetype: Scientist