The ancients call the moon Lucina, Cynthia, Diana, Phoebe, Latona, Noctiluca, Proserpina. The moon is the closest of all planets on earth. Its color in the elements is well known.


Herbs that are under the moon have soft and juicy leaves, a watery and sweet taste, they love watery places and grow quickly until they are juicy and delicious


Assignments on the Tree of Life and Astrology


Moon - Levanah


He has the sign of Cancer for his house and Capricorn for his exile; he is exalted in the 3rd degree Taurus and has its fall in the 3rd degree Scorpio. He rules the earth triplicity at night, namely Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.


Colors on the tree of life:  violet (queen scale), orange (traditional scale),indigo (king scale and knight scale),  purple (prince scale),  lemon yellow with azure blue spoted (princess scale)


Path 18 on the tree of life from Binah to Gevurah


Tarot card: Chariot (Cancer) and 9 (Moon)


Astro House 4: Vather, Home, close Family


Assigned to the 9th Sefirah Jesod - Fundament, Basement 


God's name: Shaddai El Chai (the almighty god of life)


Archangel: Gawriel (Mighty of God)


Angel choir:  Keruwim (The Winged)


Topic: Dreams, sexuality, intuition



Moon Day:

Monday. Everything that has to do with feelings and intuition.


Cosmic Principle : Emotional and subconscious being. Astral plane


Spiritual Experience: The vision of victorious beauty -  creativity


Symbols: Insence burner, insence, the holy oils, holy water, the sandals, magic circle


Magical picture: A beautiful naked man



Moon in cancer; Health magic, magic for the house, family, sensuality in life, everything with love and feeling.


Herbs: Laurel, mugwort, basil, wild garlic, watercress, real diptame, goose finger herb, witch's herb, burdock bedstraw, meadowsweet, monk's pepper, yarrow, black tea, water cane, hawthorn, horsetail


Fruit: Elderberry, cherry, deadly nightshade


Vegetables: ginger, pumpkin, swallow root


Flowers: cyclamen, betonia, damiana, lilac, lady's mantle, daisy, ground elder, coltsfoot, jasmine, queen of the night, madonna lily, magnolia, lily of the valley, mistletoe, passion flower, patcholy, marigold, sloe, silver thistle, silver candle, stinkasant (devil's dirt), yellow Dead nettle, pond rose, thuja


Tree: Birch, eucalyptus, buckthorn, birdmire


Metal: silver


Element: Air


Astromedicine: Cancer: chest, breasts, stomach. Moon: lymphatic system


Vice (Jesod): Laziness, ease, suggestibility, exaggerated passivity, moodiness


Virtue (Jesod): Independence from unwanted influences, control over one's own emotions, impartiality, spiritual virginity


Archetype: Preserer & creating artist