The winged divine messenger Mercury / Hermes corresponds to the principle of information exchange, thus all metabolic processes (= conversion processes), breathing and the hormone system (hormone = Hermes).


Mercury plants can be recognized by their slender and upright shape (ribwort); climbing plants also show aspects of Mercury (bittersweet, ivy, hops). The leaves are usually narrow and lanceolate (eucalyptus, lavender, oleander) or delicately pinnate (dill, fennel). The flower colors are dominated by blue tones (lavender, lungwort) or the complementary colors yellow and purple (columbine, bittersweet); Umbrella flowers also show Mercury (umbelliferae). With its signatures, the messenger of the gods corresponds to the element air. Mercury plants, for example, strengthen the respiratory organs when people are susceptible to infection or allergies; they are also generally suitable for the treatment of skin and mucous membrane diseases (interfaces = Mercury, Saturn).


The idea of communication, as embodied by Mercury as the messenger of the gods, indicates that you should use your plants frequently. They are mainly used to round off recipes. Mercury is ambivalent in its properties. It harmonizes with almost every other planetary force. This is important because, as in everyday life, antipathy and sympathy also play a role among the planets, just think of the love affairs and animosities in the Olympic heaven of gods (see overview table). It goes without saying that plants from friendly planets also harmonize in recipes. But it is precisely mixtures of resources from hostile planets that often show special effects, but only if one is a “peacemaker”, e.g. Mercury plants, built into the recipe. 


Assignments on the Tree of Life and Astrology


Mercury - Kochaw 


Mercury is the ruler of the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo.


Colors on the tree of life:  orange (queen scale), dark pink (traditional scale), violet, purple (king scale and knight scale), red-brown (prince scale), yellowish brown spotted with white (princess scale)



Path 17 on the tree of life (for Gemini)

Path 20 on the tree of life (for Virgo)


Tarot card: The Lovers (Gemini) and card 8 (Sefirah)

Tarot card: Hermit (Virgo) and card 6 (Sefirah)


Astro House 3 of communication, thinking, short trips, siblings (Gemini)

Astro Haus 6 : Health, physical work


Assigned to the 8th Sefirah Hod - fame, shine, splendor: -  reason, logic


God's name: Elohim Tzewaot


Archangel: Michael (Who is like God)


Angel choir:  Beni Elohim (Sons of the Gods)


Topic: thinking, language, intellect 


Mercury Day:

Wednesday. Mercury is as changeable as the moon. Therefore, no important changes should be made on Wednesday. The day is good for getting rid of something. Mercury is one of the nerves. Therefore you should take it a little easier on Wednesday. You can strengthen your nerves that day. Meditations, relaxation exercises, aromatherapy. Fragrances and plant magic are effective. Everything that brings you into balance.


Cosmic Principle : Spiritual shaping, lower mental level


Spiritual Experience: The Vision of Bright Shine (Clarity of Mind)


Symbols: the holy names, the prayers and invocations (as well as the versicles), the occult books and grimoires, the magical diary, the dagger


Magical picture: Hermaphroodit


Moon in Gemini:

Magic related to work, education. Or contracts. But not necessarily because of consistency, but as support for first contact or for good communication in general. I would rather do the consolidation in a more constant mark.


Moon in Virgo:

Magic that has to do with communication. Magic of success and to gain fruits in one's own work.


Herbs: black columbine, elephant, eyebright, valerian, sprouting bear moss, mugwort, fleabane, bingelkraut, bittersweet, savory, broad plantain, watercress, boarwood, gauchheil, goat's foot, camphor, nasturtium, chervil, pasque flower, Marjoram, swallow wort, Norway plantain, wormwood, widerton


Fruit: lemon


Grain: millet


Flowers: lavender, betony, foxglove, real germander, goldenrod, Gundermann (Gundelrebe), oats, heather, coltsfoot, coffee, lavender, lily of the valley, rose, sea buckthorn, wild pansy, pigeon skabios, devil's bite


Treeeucalyptus, oleander, beech, ash, buckthorn, hazel, pine, linden, tansy, elm, willow, worm fern


Metal: mercury


Element: Air


Astromedicine: Gemini: lungs, shoulders, arms. Mercury: brain, central nervous system


Vice: falsehood, loquacity


Virtue: honesty, truthfulness, ability to concentrate, logic, communication, judgment, ability to argue, fluency


Archetype: Craftsman