Mars, which the ancients sometimes called Mavors Aris, Pyrois, Gradivus.


The herbs we associate with Mars are those that are almost red, the leaves are pointed and sharp-edged, the taste is pungent and burning, that grow in dry places, that are corrosive and that penetrate the flesh and bones with a subtle heat.


Assignments on the Tree of Life and Astrology


Mars - Madim


He has Aries for his day house and Scorpio for his night house; it is elevated to 29 degrees Capricorn and 29 degrees Cancer in the fall. He is in exile in Libra and Taurus. He's been retrograde for 80 days, two days stationary before running straight away, then only one day after that.


Colors on the tree of life:  red (queen scale), gold & red (traditional scale), orange (king scale and knight scale),  radiant scarlet (prince scale),  red dotted with black (princess scale)


Path 15 on the tree of life from Tiferet to Chochmah (Aries)


Tarot card: Emperor (Aries) and all cards with 5 (Gevurah)


Astro House 1: First impression


Assigned to the 5th Sefirah Gevurah - Power 


God's name: Elohim Gibbor (the powerful god)


Archangel: Chamael - Samael, Michael (glow or anger of god)


Angel choir:  Serafim (the burning)


Topic: Strength, struggle, justice


Mars Day:

Tuesday. Everything that cannot be done on Monday is given wings on Tuesday. New things are under a good star. From wedding to relocation. It is better to postpone surgical interventions, otherwise Mars will add too much force. Everything that needs to be animated can be done on that day. Anything tef going can be done. E.g. Also healing work.


Cosmic Principle : The principle of cosmic justice


Spiritual Experience: Development of higher magical powers


Symbols: the sword, the spear, the scourge, the chain, the pentagram, the pentagon


Magical picture: a mighty warrior in his chariot


Moon in Aries; Search for new ideas, movement, space for new things. A good time to assert yourself.


Herbs: Valerian, pepper, nettle, ginger, arum, hogweed, wild garlic, barberry, sourthorn, taiga root, nasturtium, rosemary, sea buckthorn, celandine, red coneflower, devil's dung, cranesbill, thyme, quendel, juniper, hawthorn


Fruit: Blackberry, strawberry, pokeweed


Vegetables: Garlic, onion, dry root, garlic mustard, radish, beet


Flowers: blue monkshood, yellow monkshood, verbena, geranium, hazel root, thorny restorer, dog rose, coffee, burdock, lily of the valley, black nightshade, peony, rose, holly, scabious


Plants: tobacco, linalo wood, hellebore, rowanberry oil, dragon's blood, benzoin


Stone for Mars: garnet, ruby, blood stone. April: rock crystal.


Metal: Iron


Element: Fire


Astromedicine: Head (Aries), right arm (Mars) and muscles and catabolism


Vice (Gevurah): Cruelty, hatred, vindictiveness, blind destructiveness


Virtue (Gevurah): Courage, bravery, assertiveness, discipline, sense of justice


Archetype: Warrior