Together with Venus and the Sun, Jupiter embodies the principle of harmony and benevolence.  

He is the great patron in astrology. Happiness, influence and wealth are given to those who have a good position on Jupiter in the horoscope. 


Jupiter plants are as benevolent as their heavenly example. Together with Venus and the sun, trees with edible fruits and grain fruits are subordinate to the ruler of Olympus. Many other deciduous trees are also Jupiter-like (chestnut). This is especially true for the oak (Quercus robur), in whose mighty form the powerful spirit of Zeus / Jupiter is embodied (robur = power). In fact, the oak is not only toning and strengthening, but also an important remedy for poisoning (binds alkaloids and heavy metals), inflammation and skin allergies. A number of other Jupiter plants are also suitable for the treatment of skin and connective tissue disorders (comfrey, borage, roof root, chestnut, burdock).


When looking at the signatures, a striking number of plants show similarities with the sun, e.g. the majestic shape, the slightly bitter and spicy taste, bright colors, especially yellow (artichoke, angelica, yellow gentian). Many of these plants show a liver-specific effect.


Since the Jupiter organ, the liver, is not only a metabolic and detoxifying organ, but is also responsible for our temperament, such plants are used not only to treat liver diseases, but also to treat mental disorders.


Assignments on the Tree of Life and Astrology


Jupiter - Tzedek 


Colors on the tree of life: blue (queen scale), silver-white (traditional according to Cordvero), violet (king-knight scale), purple (prince scale),

dark azure blue spotted with white (princess scale)


Path 27 on the tree of life (for sagittarius)


Tarot card: The Tower (path on the Tree of Life) Tarot card 4 (Sefirah)


Astro House 9 of distant travels and philosophy


Assigned to the 4th Sefirah Chesed - goodness: -  The giving principle (growth)


God's name: El - the strong god


Archangel: Tzadquiel - righteousness of God


Angel choir:  The Chasmalim - The shining, glittering


Topic: goodness, order, help, rule, growth


Jupiter Day: Thursday. Is considered a lucky day after Sunday. Medicinal preparations are

doubly effective. Strength and health can be strengthened that day. E.g.

Purification, detoxification, therapeutic baths. It's a day of draining.


Cosmic Principle : The Principle of Cosmic Justice (Gevurah) Divine Plain (Keter)


Symbols: the Tetraese, the scepter, the orb, the shepherd's staff, the Egyptian



Magical picture: a crowned king on his throne.


Herbs: mandrake, sage, brook avens; Hogweed, comfrey, borage, roof root,

Damiana, real diptame, dost, verbena, angelica, laurel, dandelion, clove root,

Tansy, horse chestnut, sea buckthorn, centaury, bird knotweed, woodruff,

Wegwait, hyssop


Vegetables: artichoke


Flowers: yew, yellow gentian, thorny restorer, heather


Tree: oak, cedar


Metal: tin


Astromedicine: left arm (Chesed), thigh (Sagittarius), anabolism, liver,

Digestive system (Jupiter)


Vice: opportunism, hypocrisy, confidence, weakness, narrow-mindedness,

Bondage, defenselessness


Virtue: obedience, goodness, loyalty, fidelity, righteousness, morality


Archetype: The lovers



Der gekrönte König auf seinem Thron.
Der gekrönte König auf seinem Thron.