Immortality as a theological term means more than the endless continued existence of a life. Immortality means that life is not exposed to death.

If a life is mortal, then this means that its existence is ended "from outside" or that it has a finite temporal form as biological life, so that it is ended "from within". God is to be thought of as absolutely immortal; his life must be thought of as unhindered and unhindered, as full of life. Human beings have a finite and ending temporal form in their biological life and their life can be ended "from outside". But the theological concept of human immortality says that a person - not autonomously, but through the will and action of God! - He perfects himself as a spiritual person in freedom within his biological time (or that he will be instituted into his perfection by God if he is denied this freedom event).

This does not mean that when a person gives up his biological form in death, he "persists" in time.

The original printing is done on Hahnemühlen Fine Art paper and has a white edge around the picture of 2 cm.

Size of the motif size is 39 x 29 cm, overall size 41 x 31 cm.

Original Created:2013



Erlösung, Befreiung & Erleuchtung


Liberation from the chain of birth, death and rebirth.


An idea of the 'heaven' that a person with good karma can enjoy after the death of the body, however, is only temporary. The individual inevitably comes back to earth and the cycle from birth to birth continues until final salvation.


Liberation from this bond. The liberation of the soul and from the ego-thought or ego, according to which one can experience a dualism of individuality and non-individuality.


The liberation from the ego-thought is the liberation from the illusion about the true absolute self caused by the material energy.


Original Created:2010