Qabbalistic Healing - Refuah

Life´s a rush. Sometimes you can find yourself carried along by it all, a jellyfish in a strong current. You´ve forgotten the promises you made to yourself when you were young. You´re burdened by a morass of expectations and daily obligations. What would it take to get back in touch with the part of yourself that has big plans? 


Refuah according to Solomon Baal-Shem is a holistic system of spiritual healing that involves all levels of human existence which can help you to get back in touch with your true self.


The word Refuah comes from Hebrew and means "healing".


Spiritual healing activates the self-healing powers, promotes healing in a holistic sense, encourages and supports people in perceiving their own responsibility.


Refuah offers:


- A spiritual healing system based on the Western mystery tradition, especially on the holy Qabbalah.

- Contemporary concepts of alternative spiritual therapy.

- A comprehensive traditional approach to traditional wisdom and proven spiritual healing methods.

- A Western Path to Spiritual Growth. The Refuah system is under the protection and patronage of Rafael, the Archangel of Healing.


The name Rafael also comes from Hebrew and means "God heals".


Body, mind and soul are equally harmonized in the Refuah and thus well-being and harmony are optimally promoted on all levels of human existence.