What is Refuah?


Refuah is a spiritual healing art that has its roots in the ancient traditions of the Qabbalah and was developed by Salomo Baal-Shem over many years.


Illness is a state of imbalance. This state begins on the level of the soul even before our body becomes sick. Unfortunately, we usually ignore the first signs that are noticeable through negative feelings and only react when we feel physical pain.


A doctor takes wonderful care of the body and we should definitely not do without his service.


Refuah - spiritual healing method On the level of the soul, Refuah ensures that negative thought patterns and feelings, which are the cause of an illness, are resolved. Since thoughts and feelings are closely related to the body, they affect it in a positive as well as a negative sense. If thoughts and feelings change positively, the body also changes and becomes sustainably healthy.


Health is a state of inner balance of mind, soul and body, in Refuah you will learn to create this through various techniques.


This spiritual healing method brings health, happiness and contentment into your life by activating your self-healing powers.

  • With Refuah you are able to activate your self-healing powers
  • Through Refuah you can identify the causes of an illness
  • Refuah speeds up the healing process
  • With Refuah you will be able to lead a healthy, successful and happy life
  • Refuah is a new concept based on very old and proven knowledge
  • Refuah enables you to work on your spiritual development