17. August 2019
This herb helps with ...
16. August 2019
Sit upright on a chair with a straight back.

11. August 2019
Everything in this universe is made up of energy that vibrates at different frequencies.
23. Juli 2019
Everything that lives will never stay the way it is.

21. Juli 2019
We live in a world where nothing is as it should be.
13. Juli 2019
We know that there are few people on this earth whose ability to love is sufficient to encompass everything around them.

07. Juli 2019
All our experiences in life and all the things other people tell us, are born in our brains.
01. Juli 2019
The media claim that bad news is good news.

27. Juni 2019
Experience is a process in our brain that science has no name for.
19. Juni 2019
For some people, the one-dimensional state of consciousness will shape their everyday lives more or less.

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