08. Dezember 2019
The thinker is in the same position as the speaker, whose voice in the air sets in motion sound waves that go out in all directions and convey its message to anyone within earshot.
07. Dezember 2019
The mandrake is the queen of magic plants.

04. Dezember 2019
For most people, thinking is one of them completely uncontrolled process.
02. November 2019
We need to be aware of how important the perception of thinking is.

15. Oktober 2019
The image-producing psyche "sets us in the picture" about inner states, motives and events, thus expanding the experience of the human being through the experience of symbols and giving hints for the understanding of self and the world.
06. Oktober 2019
This herb helps with….

16. September 2019
We determine whether we view life as a chain of challenges that we face on a daily basis or as an endless chain of problems.
28. August 2019
This herb helps with….

21. August 2019
In the USA, there was an experiment that proved that the stress as a victim is the greatest.
17. August 2019
This herb helps with ...

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