Thoughts · 22 September 2020
Pressure from within often comes from within.
Thoughts · 29 August 2020
External pressure can be compared as a wave of energy rolling towards you. In it there is a foreign will, a foreign expectation, a foreign requirement. Strange because it is either consciously transferred to me from others or because I have a blind spot in mzself with regard to my own expectations. So the first step is; to even recognize who or what is exerting the pressure and what expectations are conveyed with it. However, it is not always easy to make the distinction between “foreign”...

Thoughts · 23 August 2020
Whether with donations, volunteering or small gestures in everyday life, I've tried in many ways to contribute something good, to make the world a better place.
Thoughts · 05 Mai 2020
Prolonged and ill-considered speech has negative consequences and is dangerous in spiritual life.

Thoughts · 25 April 2020
If we borrow something from others then we are thinking we need something what we don't have ourselves.
Thoughts · 23 Februar 2020
Most people are not philosophers and do not care about the consequences of thinking and acting.

Thoughts · 08 Januar 2020
Thoughts can develop a certain form.
Thoughts · 08 Dezember 2019
The thinker is in the same position as the speaker, whose voice in the air sets in motion sound waves that go out in all directions and convey its message to anyone within earshot.

Thoughts · 04 Dezember 2019
For most people, thinking is one of them completely uncontrolled process.
Thoughts · 02 November 2019
We need to be aware of how important the perception of thinking is.

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