ㄒ卄ㄖㄩᎶ卄ㄒ丂 · 13 Dezember 2021
I begin my witchcraft during the threshold times⁠ and let the power of the goddess guide me.⁠
I Love Me
ㄒ卄ㄖㄩᎶ卄ㄒ丂 · 02 Dezember 2021
Does self-love mean devaluing others?⁠

Questions are the Guide to our Thoughts ⁠
ㄒ卄ㄖㄩᎶ卄ㄒ丂 · 30 November 2021
Why do we spend our time asking ourselves:⁠ Why is the world so bad?⁠ ⁠
Laugh at Yourself
ㄒ卄ㄖㄩᎶ卄ㄒ丂 · 27 November 2021
Before we can let our inner light shine, we must first find it and then connect it to it.⁠

Let your Light Shine
ㄒ卄ㄖㄩᎶ卄ㄒ丂 · 25 November 2021
Like most living beings, we also strive for light.⁠
The Head Thinks, The Belly Directs
ㄒ卄ㄖㄩᎶ卄ㄒ丂 · 17 November 2021
The following thought occurred to me while reading the book "Supernormal" by Dean Radin: In addition to our mind, there is also something what is known as the gut.

Sender and Receiver
ㄒ卄ㄖㄩᎶ卄ㄒ丂 · 15 November 2021
When we borrow something from others then we think we need something which we don't own ourselves.
ㄒ卄ㄖㄩᎶ卄ㄒ丂 · 22 September 2020
Pressure from within often comes from within.

ㄒ卄ㄖㄩᎶ卄ㄒ丂 · 29 August 2020
External pressure can be compared as a wave of energy rolling towards you. In it there is a foreign will, a foreign expectation, a foreign requirement. Strange because it is either consciously transferred to me from others or because I have a blind spot in mzself with regard to my own expectations. So the first step is; to even recognize who or what is exerting the pressure and what expectations are conveyed with it. However, it is not always easy to make the distinction between “foreign”...
ㄒ卄ㄖㄩᎶ卄ㄒ丂 · 23 August 2020
Whether with donations, volunteering or small gestures in everyday life, I've tried in many ways to contribute something good, to make the world a better place.

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