P̅r̅a̅c̅t̅i̅c̅a̅l̅ ̅M̅a̅g̅i̅c̅

The "Rauh nights, twelve nights , bell nights, inner nights or lower nights are some nights around the turn of the year, to which a special meaning is assigned in European customs. It can be celebrated starting from Winter Equinox 21st of December or from the 24th of December.
Consecration or regular use of an object fill it with energies. ⁠ ⁠
We achieve changes through regularity and repetition. Especially in the field of energy work.⁠

Magic with Lentils
So much that comes from Mother Nature was seen as something magical in the past and therefore always had magical power.
From the superstition and the sorcery of the doorsteps
Thresholds are generally known as transitions into the realm of the dead, the spirits and as a gateway to the otherworld.

About the magical things
Magic exists.
Candle magic
Candle magic is wrongly considered to be one of the easiest magical arts and is therefore often used in everyday life without much practice.

Spiritual purification with sound
Energy is vibration and vibration is energy.
How to consecrate water
Take a bowl with water and make the sign of the equal-armed cross + over it and say the words of the qabbalistic cross.

The accessories of a simple cleaning Ritual and the associated Elements.   Consecrated water - element water
Life on our planet is unthinkable without water.
Knot magic is one of the easiest methods to approach your own magic spiritually and to focus it through the practical application of symbolism, interpretation, visualization and affirmation.