The accessories of a simple cleaning Ritual and the associated Elements. Consecrated salt - element earth
Cleaning · 11 Juli 2021
The element earth is the calmest of the elements.
Cleaning · 06 Juni 2021
The accessories for a simple cleaning ritual and the associated elements The consecrated candle - element of fire

Cleaning · 20 Mai 2021
Everyone knows rituals from their everyday lives.
Cleaning · 18 April 2021
Let's do a little exercise, a spiritual journey into your home.

Cleaning · 08 März 2021
For a smoke cleansing we need a clay vessel filled with sand, charcoal, smoking tongs, a feather or a piece of cardboard, a cleaning mixture.
Cleaning · 21 Februar 2021
Our apartment or house stores the energies and emotions that we send out throughout the day.

Cleaning · 14 Februar 2021
We are all made of energy.
Cleaning · 23 Januar 2021
We humans are energetic beings and leave an energetic signature of thought and emotional energy in our environment.

Cleaning · 08 November 2020
No, magical house cleaning cannot replace normal cleaning in the apartment.
Cleaning · 02 November 2020
The correct way to handle incense.

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