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I Love Me
ㄒ卄ㄖㄩᎶ卄ㄒ丂 · 02 Dezember 2021
Does self-love mean devaluing others?⁠
Consecration or regular use of an object fill it with energies. ⁠ ⁠
We achieve changes through regularity and repetition. Especially in the field of energy work.⁠

Laugh at Yourself
ㄒ卄ㄖㄩᎶ卄ㄒ丂 · 27 November 2021
Before we can let our inner light shine, we must first find it and then connect it to it.⁠
Spiritual House Cleaning is about achieving a positive flow of energy. ⁠

Let your Light Shine
ㄒ卄ㄖㄩᎶ卄ㄒ丂 · 25 November 2021
Like most living beings, we also strive for light.⁠
Be Patient
Face things with patience, which you cannot speed up.⁠

The Art of Atmosphere
It is an art to design living spaces harmoniously - to recognize the laws of nature and to bring them into harmony with our environment. ⁠
Spiritual purification with sound
Energy is vibration and vibration is energy.

The accessories of a simple cleaning Ritual and the associated Elements. Element Air
07 August 2021
The element of air is the liveliest of the four elements.
How to consecrate water
Take a bowl with water and make the sign of the equal-armed cross + over it and say the words of the qabbalistic cross.

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