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Laugh at Yourself
ㄒ卄ㄖㄩᎶ卄ㄒ丂 · 27 November 2021
Before we can let our inner light shine, we must first find it and then connect it to it.⁠
Let your Light Shine
ㄒ卄ㄖㄩᎶ卄ㄒ丂 · 25 November 2021
Like most living beings, we also strive for light.⁠

The Art of Atmosphere
It is an art to design living spaces harmoniously - to recognize the laws of nature and to bring them into harmony with our environment. ⁠
Magic with Lentils
So much that comes from Mother Nature was seen as something magical in the past and therefore always had magical power.

About the magical things
Magic exists.
Spiritual purification with sound
Energy is vibration and vibration is energy.

The accessories of a simple cleaning Ritual and the associated Elements.   Consecrated water - element water
Life on our planet is unthinkable without water.
匚ㄥ乇卂几丨几Ꮆ · 06 Juni 2021
The accessories for a simple cleaning ritual and the associated elements The consecrated candle - element of fire

匚ㄥ乇卂几丨几Ꮆ · 20 Mai 2021
Everyone knows rituals from their everyday lives.
Association: - source of light or brightness, - spiritual awakening. Question: - Where in my life am I ready to let my light shine?

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