08 Mai 2021
The media claim that bad news is good news.
Cleaning · 18 April 2021
Let's do a little exercise, a spiritual journey into your home.

Healing · 11 April 2021
Who does not know it? You don't feel well and usually immediately resort to medicine from the medicine cabinet, because tablets almost always help. But why always resort to the chemical solution when there are completely different options?
Healing · 23 März 2021
When cleaning our subtle body....

Dreams & Hypnosis · 16 März 2021
Association: - source of light or brightness, - spiritual awakening. Question: - Where in my life am I ready to let my light shine?
Cleaning · 08 März 2021
For a smoke cleansing we need a clay vessel filled with sand, charcoal, smoking tongs, a feather or a piece of cardboard, a cleaning mixture.

Dreams & Hypnosis · 26 Februar 2021
The ultimate symbol of life.
Cleaning · 21 Februar 2021
Our apartment or house stores the energies and emotions that we send out throughout the day.

Dreams & Hypnosis · 16 Februar 2021
Association: - Potential, - birth, - hope, - wholeness. Question: - What do I want to develop?
Cleaning · 14 Februar 2021
We are all made of energy.

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