A few words about me:


My name is Chu Ann. I live with my partner in the beautiful city Amsterdam with our two cats.


I was born in Germany but decided to move to the Netherlands in 2017.


For about nine years now, I've been studying Qabbalah, occult philosophy, hypnosis, meditation, chiromancy (palm reading), astrology, sigil magic, creating talismans, ritual magic, refuah (spiritual healing), tarot and working with dreams.


For this I have attended further courses in an internationally recognized Mystery School (in which I am also an active member since 2010). I visited seminars in metamapping, symbol interpretation in dreams, personality development based on the archetypes and mediation, which completes my profile.



I can assist you in german, english and also dutch.



Study of the western mysteries, rituals, meditation, chiromantie, pendulum dowsing, qabbalistic astrology, dreamworks and occult philosophy.


Education in archetypes, metamapping, coaching, spoke patterns and hypnosis.


Refuah according to Salomo Baal-Shem.


Study of art (photography/video), Akademie der bildenden KünsteEssen.