I mainly work with the energies of the universe to influence the possibilities.


Herbs, rituals, colors, stones for example help by having their own magical energies, but we are the most important element in everything we do in life.


"Unhealthy" thoughts and beliefs can have a negative impact on wellbeing and health.

It is possible that some of these thoughts manifest themselves in our environment and thus also affect us from outside.


Some call this "self-fulfilling prophecy".


All challenges in our life are about karmic tasks from which we have to learn something and from which we should grow and change.


If a misfortune happens to us, it is because something in us has attracted that misfortune. We overcome adversity and achieve happiness by changing ourselves to attract happiness. Magic is a way to make that change happen or to speed it up. If you choose the magical way to solve your problems, you will change.


Man is a miniature version of the macrocosm. All the attributes that the universe contains are also present in the human being.


Everything is based on the astrological allocation of the planets and on the Tree of Life.

All analogies are metaphors and are used to look for the underlying psychological principles and interactions in order to better understand the psychological processes and the underlying laws.




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As taught by

Salomo Baal-Shem