In the past, dreams were often regarded as divine signs and messages of the supernatural.

Dream interpretation was mainly done by preachers and shamans. Their dream analyses were generally considered by the powerful to be so important that they made decisions about the fate of the entire people on them.




Even today, the interpretation of dreams plays an important role for many people, although it is no longer as groundbreaking as it was in antiquity.


Interpreting your dreams can be very interesting for many reasons. Those who regularly interpret and observe their dreams can experience something about themselves and learn to understand themselves better.


Experienced dream interpreters gain many insights into themselves, other people and the world in general by interpreting dreams. They act and react more calmly over time, as if they have found their inner peace.


Thus, you influence not only your own life in a positive way, but also your personal environment.


Worksheet for dreamers
As a little assistance, I offer here a questionnaire for the interpretation of dreams for a free download.
Questionaire Dreamworks.pdf
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