The Swan embodies feelings, often the yearning for a happy marriage.


The singing or dying swan can indicate that one's own feelings are not reciprocated. After old dream books, he indicates speedy recovery when patients dream of him.



The dream image of the swan usually depends on its color. A white swan symbolizes the ability to feel deep emotions, the good relationship with oneself and one's environment, spiritual interest and idealism. Black swans indicate suspicions and intuitions of the dreaming. Unfortunately, sometimes they can also be bad luck or death messengers. Lohengrin's swan also appears in a dream - he stands for the secrecy with which one approaches a possible love partner, who can never ask one (after the wedding date). If the swan approaches us in an attacking position, we may not enjoy good things in our awake life in a certain matter.


The swan song (according to an ancient error, the swan sings before it dies) indicates an elapsed time that will be replaced by a better one.