Association: - general situation, grounding. Question: - How well am I connected to the world?


The shoe is a dream symbol for the mental or spiritual attitude, the location of the dreaming.


As in reality, shoes reveal a great deal about their owner even in their dreams, which is why the color, condition and purpose of the dream interpretation should always be taken into account. It may also be that the shoe wants to show in a dream, whether it is the person dreaming is a person who has dropped off her children's shoes, which stands under the slipper or if it is in extreme cases to a shoe fetishist, in the shoe Replacement object for the female genitals sees. High-heeled shoes or boots may indicate masochism. According to Freudians, slipping into the shoe means the sexual act, the desire to become intimate with a person. In fact, many dreams of shoes point to an upcoming love experience. Mostly, however, shoes describe the mental or spiritual position of the dreamer in the awake life. If the shoe pushes him because he does not fit, something oppressive lies on his soul, he may want to slip into another skin. In this case one should try to adapt better in the awake life - because what we long for seems to be one size too big (or too small) for us. If the shoes are comfortable, we can be very satisfied with ourselves and our actions, and everything will almost go by itself. Shoes in need of repair indicate a weakness in character that we have known for a long time and against which we have not yet taken sufficient action.


Not being able to find his shoes shows a lack of propriety, - the dreaming is aware of his inappropriate behavior.