Association: - Security, - Riches. Question: - What is worth something to me?



In the dream money is not necessarily a hard currency, but rather symbolizes the way the dreaming self evaluates.


When this symbol appears in the dream, it can indicate that the dreamer must judge his value more carefully. The dreamer also realizes what price he has to 'pay' for his behavior and wishes. Money is also interpreted as a symbol of sexual potency, as well as power and influence.


The exact meaning results, for example, from the following accompanying circumstances in the dream:


Having money can warn against reckless spending, but also announce that one will lose prestige and influence, - sometimes pride also comes to light.

Spending money promises successes and financial gains.

Finding money shows that one can still prevent a loss or other damage.

Losing money is often a failure, but not so serious.

Gaining money also warns of failures and losses.

Switching money often announces an uncertain future.


Counting money can announce a profit that you will get for good work.