Association: lustful power, - unceasing energy, - omnivores. Question: - What am I determined to do?


Goat is commonly understood as a symbol of contentment and perseverance, which helps to cope successfully even in difficult situations, - sometimes it comes in (especially in the goat) also stubbornness, unreasonableness and aggressiveness to the fore, which are not very useful. In individual cases, it indicates with appropriate living conditions that one tries to pass on mistakes and responsibilities to a scapegoat or even as such is abused.


In the interpretation of a dream, which deals with goats, you must pay attention to the sex of the animal, because goat and goat have different meanings. The goat is in the dream a symbol of male instinct, obstinacy and aggressiveness. The goat, on the other hand, embodies agility, contentment and adaptability. She also complains in our dreams. Where the goat appears, we have to do in the awake life with someone who can do nothing right, whose criticism is partly justified.


If goats jump funny through our dream image, we may be overcome by the cockiness or carelessness.