On the spiritual level, fruits in the dream stand for creativeness. They are mostly omens for the development of new plans.


Fruits have always symbolized immortality and the bliss of love.


The reason for the connection with immortality is easily recognizable. Their seeds represent the beginning of all things - from them the fruits ripen, from these in turn new seeds and the cycle begins again. In the dream, edible fruits usually have the meaning of sexual needs, and are interpreted according to their form as female or male sexual symbols. But they can also symbolize success, happiness, self-confidence and development of the personality of the dreaming. When a dream of fruit is in a bowl, it symbolizes the culmination of the activities that the dreaming has dedicated himself to in the past. Something has come to an end and can be harvested. A new beginning is imminent. Fruit stands for the result of one's own work or efforts in an emotional relationship - these may be successes or failures. Often the symbol appears when one is still unsure about the outcome of a thing. Inedible fruits can be indications of dangers, difficulties and resistances. The following circumstances are often to be considered:

Seeing or picking fruit indicates that one can count on success, rewarded for his efforts, even if the long time seemed unlikely.

Sweet fruits promise success in a love relationship, often an erotic adventure. If you pick sweet fruits, you could say in this context, will reap much love.


Fruits often represent growth and development. Consequently, dream fruits can symbolize the unconscious development of the inner self. Think about how to deal with the fruits in a dream.


Has one stretched out after them, perhaps in an attempt to explore the potential for personal growth