Association: - Beauty, - Sexuality, - Flowering. Question: - What brings my beauty and sexuality to bloom?


Dreams of flowers can have a calming effect.


When we are awake there are hardly any people who do not associate flowers with joy and relaxation. We do not only enjoy flowers, we also use them as a sign of love, appreciation, sympathy and comfort. In one of these relationships, flowers of all kinds are common in our dreams. The appearance of the flowers in the dream could be significant: if they were carefully placed (perhaps even by oneself), this may indicate that social life is all too carefully planned - or would have to be put in order. In a garden of colorfully confused - or scattered around the house - flowers would indicate that life is full of joy. But what else happened in the dream? Did you turn away the flowers, or did you scatter more? A dream in which the flowers outweigh a garden could (if you are not an enthusiastic flower breeder) point to the fact that life needs more color and you should worry less about the mere livelihood. A dream of withered flowers is often depressing and says something about grief or danger. The destruction of flowers (perhaps by worms or grubs) is similarly ominous. If you were in the dream of watering or fertilizing, that might mean working on a relationship. Flowers with buds or in bloom could symbolize the emergence of an idea or a new relationship - or entering into a new phase of life. Freud saw a female symbol in the flowers because their flowers are cupped and the bee crawls into them to fertilize them. For a man, a flower in a dream can be a woman or a certain woman. The flower could also stand for an idea that has been brought to bear. Wild flowers emphasize naturalness, simple beauty and contempt for artificial flowerbeds. Cut flowers are displayed instead of being enjoyed by them in their natural location, so they can be symbols of artificiality. If you give flowers in the dream to somebody you can not identify, or you get some from him, that means that you have to help your self-confidence to get on your feet. A garland of flowers is a similar but more formal symbol. Flowers in the dream also connect to feelings of joy and beauty. Through them, the dreaming becomes aware that something new comes up and that he will do everything with a new freshness. Flower may stand for sexual needs that may be disregarded. In addition, she often has something to do with love and other feelings or the unfolding of qualities.


Among the numerous possible interpretations, the following are especially revealing:


Seeing fresh, beautiful flowers proclaims health and success, especially in an emotional relationship.

Flowers, especially flowering ones, are a positive expression of beautiful thoughts and feelings, whereby the color (see there) also matters.

If you tear off flowers and throw them away, you probably gamble your luck by your own fault.

Picking flowers can also promise happiness and success, but sometimes warn of risks that stand in the way or indicates a sexual wish fulfillment.

A bouquet of fresh flowers indicates a love experience that makes us happy.

When they wither, something in the dreamer's life also withers.

Wilted flowers announce failures and disappointments.

But if you break flowers, you may be trampling on the most beautiful feelings of the partner you pretend to love. The Indian dream book 'Jagadeva' ascribes the highest blessing to a floral dream.

If the dreaming receives a bunch of flowers, it means that he is rewarded for something.

Taking care of flowers in a dream can indicate the need to develop relationships. Overwhelming them can mean working hard to 'flourish' a failing relationship.

Flowers arranged in a wreath are often associated with guilt or hostile feelings. If you received the wreath, you should re-evaluate a relationship with someone with whom they were having a fight.

The color of the flowers can be important.