Association: - practice of relationship patterns.

Question: - In which area of my life am I willing to be more caring?



A doll can show how the dreaming felt as a child, - it can also symbolize a need for comfort. In addition, she can express an undeveloped part of the personality of the dreaming. Doll symbolizes hopes, wishes and goals that should be realized. Sometimes she also exhorts not to play with the feelings of others, to engage in any erotic adventure.



Playful learning is easier, and when a doll emerges in a dream, it is an indication that the dreaming must repeat some lessons from his childhood, because he has forgotten them by now or it shows the dream of the mostly unconscious, childlike traits keep seeing life as a game and being free of responsibility. Even in a dream, the doll is the (inanimate) creature with whom one can only play but can not live together, which is why the puppet dream often concludes that erotic desires are not fulfilled. Nevertheless, the unconscious sometimes lets the dolls dance for us, warning us that we will see our fellow human beings as puppets doing everything we dictate to them. Puppenträume or dreams of games are very common, this can be a sign of a disturbance in the personality development of the dreaming.



A doll in the dream can represent the soul of a certain person, who can be helped by sympathetic magic or by magic, but at the same time can be harmed.