Association: - a female aspect, - cuddly and soft, - also independent and independent.

Question: - How do I integrate the yielding and independent parts of my personality? What do I feel about the combination of these two properties?


Cats are usually considered symbols of wisdom, wisdom and luck.


Some also believe that they keep the secret of life, death and rebirth. As in mythology, cats in dreams are associated with fertility and the prospect of a new beginning. The meaning of cat dreams may vary according to the relationship of the dreaming to them. Fears the dreaming cats, a cat in the dream can symbolize fears of certain aspects of the personality. However, if the dreaming is a cat lover, the cat can reflect his personal strengths.

Cats should also be the female side of human nature. In general, the cat is a very independent, independent animal, which indeed seeks the friendship of man, but does not submit to him. In the dream, therefore, she can point to individuality as well as egocentricity. But she is also a very sensitive animal and therefore also stands for the feeling side of the dreaming. Their playfulness may refer to the sexuality of the dreaming, but it is less passionate to understand, more symbolizes the desire for tenderness and symbolizes that he is still sexually on the animal, playful level. In general, the animal can also warn against deceit and falsehood or ask to trust more of the intuition.


She also outlines the feline unbound, who tries to reach the goal - usually sexual - with velvet paw, but then grabs with sharp claws and can not let go. Also translates the 'wild' cat in the nature of a woman, the instinctual, which is often shyly covered in the waking consciousness and only revealed in the dream in the form of this animal. In women's dreams, this dream image also stands for character features such as pronounced individuality, egocentricity and an unsteady nature.


In male dreams, the cat is sometimes a substitute image of the woman who wants to be sexually.