Association: - female receptivity.

Question: - What am I willing to receive?



The dream stands for the striving for the unification of the integrated with the non-integrated personality parts, the general desire, for a balance of internal and external discrepancies.


With this dream image the desire for a balance of power can be displayed. In the dream of a man, the bride symbolizes his conception of the female, innocent parts within him. If the dream of a wedding - especially if it is about the dreamer, then this is an indication of the integration of feeling and reality. But it is also a common dream of young men, who are fixated on a special type of woman who are looking for this 'dream woman'.


If a woman sees herself as a bride in a dream, then this expresses the attempt to reconcile the desire for a love relationship with the need for independence. The dreamer must learn to understand the change of responsibility. If the dreamer sees a groom, she wants to contact the male side of her personality. Bride, groom are sometimes trivial to understand as the need for a marriage or partnership that may be suppressed. Often there are symbolic meanings behind it, for example:


Opposites and contradictions in one's own personality will combine with each other to something new and thereby lose their ambiguous character. Consciousness and understanding, through better self-knowledge, will connect with the unconscious and the feelings to a more harmonious, balanced and mature personality.


At times, religious needs or the desire for transcendental experiences beyond reason and logic are also revealed (for example, a groom can also stand as a symbol for Christ or Spirit and the Bride for the Virgin Mary).

The bride wears a white dress, the color of innocence, purity and happiness, but also of abstinence and, in a sense, of the coldness of feeling. If the bride wore a different color, pay attention to their meaning.

If the bride or groom was the current partner, you may need a new affirmation of your love.


Sleeping in the dream with your own bride means an adventure for the man in which he breaks a taboo.

Who sleeps with a stranger in the bridal gown, could get in trouble because of his too frivolous procedure in the awake life.


For women, the bridal room could include love-happiness, but they shy away from it because anything in their lives contradicts it. Only sometimes it is a kind of wish fulfillment, if you lead a bride to the altar or even as a bride enters the dream image.


If the bride is happy in the dream, it symbolizes a happy family life and a good partnership.


However, if the bride is ugly or unhappy, the dream in this picture indicates a partnership or family conflict. It can also sometimes express the warning of an unwanted pregnancy.

A dream with a wedding couple can be the desire for fulfillment, especially if you yourself were a bride or a groom.

When the bride and groom go on a honeymoon, this can be the foreshadowing of an upcoming happy event.


The dream of a wedding can show devotion in a present relationship and express the desire that it should last. The dream can also indicate the fear of a bond. Consider the emotional state of the bride and groom in the dream.


They have been ful with joy and were also excited or anxious and unhappy