Die einzigen Veränderungen, welche von Bedeutung sind,vollziehen sich auf dem Gebiet der Ideen.


The only changes, which are important, happen because of ideas.

We are nothing. As long as we think we are something.


The biggest motivation for me is the engagement with something I do not know.

And the more I keep busy with it, the more it gets unknown for me.


It is the contact with the illusion of my reality. The sensual perception of my emotional world,


My studies of the Western Mysteries let me find new variations of seeing the world like an exorcist. Having the transformation of my individuality in mind.






Study of the western mysteries and occult philosophy


Education in qabbalistic astrology and hypnosis


Refuah according to Salomo Baal-Shem



Study of art (photography/video), Akademie der bildenden Künste, Essen



Chu Ann