1. Rauhnacht - Roots


The first Rauhnacht stands for the topic of roots. Roots are what strengthens us, gives us support and an inner structure. If our roots are weak, we sway back and forth in life, if they are strong, nothing can knock us down in the truest sense of the word. Tonight is a good time to reflect on where you are in life right now. You may want to journal your thoughts these days.

Where do I stand professionally, in my partnership, my friendships? Am I standing stable or are there currently situations that make me feel insecure or fearful? Look at your current situation as impartially as possible. Rituals such as smoking can have a supportive effect in order to have clearer thoughts and to feel more secure and secure. Sandalwood, myrrh and angelica are particularly suitable for today. Sandalwood conveys security and protection, myrrh gives a feeling of stability and solidarity. Angelica helps with existential fears and discouragement. Alternatively, aromatic oils can also be used.

Apparently the ghosts like it neat and clean. It is said to bring good luck if you have put your house in order by the beginning of the evening. Enjoying a Christmas stollen should also lead to wealth and happiness in the following year.


2. Rauhnacht - Inner Insights


Today we deal with the topic of inner guidance, what defines your intuition. In order to strengthen your own intuition, you need a connection to yourself. In everyday life with its diverse requirements, you often have the feeling that you can no longer find yourself.


We are therefore particularly called upon today to take time for ourselves in order to arrive at ourselves. Everything that makes you quiet today will help strengthen the connection to yourself. Meditation, writing a journal or daydreaming.

What thoughts and ideas arise when you become calm? How can you stay connected to yourself in everyday life? When smoking, fragrances are released. Studies have shown that fragrances can have a positive effect on our emotions. Lavender and mugwort belong to the herbaceous scents, they are said to have a calming effect on the brain. Lavender conveys clarity and strengthens self-confidence. Mugwort soothes and strengthens intuition.


During the Rauhnächten, special attention is traditionally paid to oracles, and a dream diary is often kept. Smoking the bedroom with mugwort is also used for oracle and wish smoking. While we smoke, we think about our wish. What we dream about our wish that night should come true.


3. Rauhnacht - Self-love


Self-love accompanies us through the third rough night. The expression: «I'm too stupid» is easy to say. In the general context, it is considered normal to be particularly critical of yourself. Most of the time we are much more unkind and strict to ourselves than we would ever be to any other person. This often leaves you feeling less worthy and self-doubts build up.

Today is about becoming more aware of yourself. Maybe you want to think about how you treat yourself? When do you tend to be particularly self-critical or exceed your own limits? How can you be more loving with yourself?


If you smoke it today, rose, elderberry, orange blossom and cinnamon all have beneficial effects. Rose promotes a loving relationship with oneself. Elderberry helps to accept oneself and orange blossoms provide lightness, while cinnamon strengthens self-confidence.


Candle rituals are an integral part of the magic of the Rauhnächte, which can also be found in Christmas traditions such as Advent wreaths and tree candles. Light a candle for yourself today and watch its play of light for a while. Imagine that this light is the light of your heart that wants to make you shine brighter and brighter.


4. Rauhnacht - Forgiveness


The fourth Rauhnacht is about forgiveness. Forgiveness means accepting that we have had a painful experience. It means allowing yourself to accept that experience as part of our past experience. The point is not to absolve the person who caused you pain of their responsibility. They are allowing themselves to be relieved of this pain of the past.

Today is about healing for you and healing in relationships. In the Rauhnächte diary you can ask yourself: What does forgiveness mean to me? What am I holding onto myself in a pain of a past experience with?


To support the process of forgiveness, palo santo, cedar top and white sage can be smoked today. Palo Santo helps to let go of anger and anger, cedar top helps in your process of forgiveness, while white sage lifts the mood and increases your energy.


This night is suitable for clarifying something. Write a letter to someone you want to get right with. Write down everything that moves you. The letter is burned after smoking and with the smoke that is created, let go of your anger, disappointment and anger. They trust that life itself will balance it out.


5. Rauhnacht - Solidarity


Today in the fifth Rauhnacht it's about solidarity. Separation pain such as lovesickness, grief or the feeling of being alone in the world is often perceived as particularly bad. Connectedness is a feeling that extends far beyond a partnership, family or group of friends. Today it is about the connection with ourselves, with our ancestors or with a higher authority, however we call it. Connectedness gives us a feeling of security and trust. How connected do you feel to yourself? In which activity do you feel particularly connected?


To burn incense is the medium to feel connected and secure. Elderflower is suitable for this, it connects us in a light way with our ancestors, while earth smoke keeps us on the ground. Juniper brings us in contact with the power of the universe and lilac blossom promotes our feeling of connectedness and gratitude.


Gratitude is one of many rituals that helps us feel more connected to ourselves and the world. Perhaps today is the perfect time to devote a section of your daily notes to the things that make us feel grateful. When smoking, you can now concentrate on all that you are grateful for and release this beautiful energy into the world with the smoke.


6. Rauhnacht - Reconciliation


Reconciliation with oneself and acceptance of what is and what was: This is one of the difficult topics of the Rauhnächte. We often carry feelings of guilt with us and find it difficult to free ourselves from self-doubt and perfectionism towards ourselves. If we learn to accept ourselves for who we are, to reconcile ourselves with what we are supposedly doing wrong, we will be able to shape our lives authentically and creatively.


Herbs that today have a positive influence on the process of reconciliation with oneself are hyssop, Mariengrass, orange peel and angelica. These herbs can be smoked as a mixture or individually with white sage as an incense base. Hyssop and orange peel have a relieving effect on feelings of guilt and take away the feeling of a burden. Marygrass is a heart opener for more compassion for yourself, while angelica boosts self-confidence.


Each Rauhnacht affects one month in the following year. A particularly beautiful ritual is to write a letter to yourself that kindly and lovingly reminds us that we are already good as we are. This can be opened in June, our own words to ourselves often have a strong, positive effect on us.


7. Rauhnacht - Change


Change is not only the theme of the night, it is also the day of change in the Rauhnächten itself. We have researched where we stand and are now realigning ourselves. This is about more than resolutions made for the coming year. Concrete goals are set and the first steps are taken to achieve the goals set.

It is a good day to take a little more time to write down some thoughts. Where do I block myself from achieving my goals? How can I expand my comfort zone a little?


A change or a new beginning are classic times of burning incense, not only in the Rauhnächte. Mistletoe is a real change herb, it is considered the herb of transformation. Chamomile releases blockages and rosemary strengthens the will. Lemongrass opens us up and welcomes the new.


In many cultures, offerings are a means of appeasing the gods or spirits and supporting the new beginning. Nuts for the squirrels, grains or apples for the birds. Small gifts to nature. Combined with a walk that forms a closed circle, this is a wonderful ritual. When we have walked half the way, we look back one more time and consciously let go. As we move on, we greet in our minds the new thing we are working towards in the next year.


8. Rauhnacht - New Beginning


New Year's Eve is the night of a new beginning. Everyone has already made resolutions for the new year here. Do you have any ideas what you want to implement in the next year? You may want to make a list of ideas you have and let them sink in for a moment. Decide which of these ideas is your top priority. Write down the two goals you would like to achieve in the new year. What do you want to give up? What do you want to achieve?


Decisions require a clear mind and judgment. The incense that best supports us here is mace and peppermint, both of which ensure clear thoughts. Laurel and lavender support the will to make decisions. Mugwort and white sage are herbs that help us to distinguish the essential from the inessential.


Today is the perfect night for rituals that predict the future. Wax pouring is a classic, which also creates a lot of cheerfulness in family and friends. A piece of wax is heated on a spoon until it is completely melted. Then the spoon is emptied over a bowl of water. The emerging figure is supposed to predict the main event in the coming year.


9. Rauhnacht - Visions


The ninth Rauhnacht is about visions and the visualization of our goals. Your resolutions will be structured and ordered. A plan emerges that will help you keep a close eye on the goal. What exactly would you like to have achieved by the end of the year? Are there any intermediate goals you can set? When we write down what to do, we reinforce our resolve. It is also the night of visions and premonitions. Dreams, sudden flashes of inspiration, or daydreams are of particular importance.

The power of herbs was and is particularly popular to support visions and inner images. White sage keeps a clear head and mountain ash strengthens the judgment. So you stay on your way. While hemp and laurel help us visualize. Lavender keeps us balanced in everything.


Today is the perfect day to create a vision board. A vision board contains pictures, sayings or photos that motivate us personally and remind us of our goal. It is a living work that can be continued throughout the year. The board will be placed where you will see it as often as possible. It is a motivational aid for days when it is difficult for you to stick to your goal and to take the necessary steps.


10. Rauhnacht - Growth


The theme of the tenth Rauhnacht is growth. It is the night when you put what you set out to do into practice. You can write down the individual steps in your Rauhnächte diary. What is my first step that I am taking today towards my goal? What fear can I face today? With every step you take, you will grow. It's exciting and thrilling, but it can also be scary.


The smells of burned incense awaken a feeling of security and protection. This is how you can instill confidence in yourself. Rosemary, verbena, yarrow and sandalwood support this. Rosemary is for the energy and verbena strengthens the will. Yarrow promotes growth and wisdom. Sandalwood gives you more confidence.


Today you can identify and recharge a new talisman. Take any object that fits well in your hand, it can also be a simple pebble. Concentrate on the object in your hand and fill it with positive thought energy until it is very warm to the touch. Carry the talisman with you, you can always pick it up if you feel insecure or want to motivate yourself to go through a difficult moment.


11. Rauhnacht - Letting Go


Letting go is the theme of the penultimate Rauhnacht. If something new wants to take up space, something old has to give way to make room. Old habits that block and prevent us from having new experiences are allowed to be let go. Which blockages or which habits can I give up in order to achieve my goal? Here it is important to be as honest as possible with yourself.


Burning incense cleanses, drives away negative energies and invites new positive energies. Gingseng root helps us to let go, orris root and fennel have a relieving effect on blockages. Marjoram helps us to achieve more inner balance and St. John's wort calms and helps us to take things easier.


Today we are creating space for new things. Take a look around your room. Where can you symbolically create space? Maybe a place where you hang up your vision board or create a small motivation corner. Remove the old, smoke this corner with the thought of filling it up with new and positive energy. Now set up your motivation corner with anything that fills you with inspiration and joy.


12. Rauhnacht - Holism


The last Rauhnacht is about what makes you feel good. Gratitude for the new that is coming and more mindfulness for the delicate voice of intuition in you. It is a night of inner peace and being with yourself, knowing that you already have all the skills you need to achieve your goals. You look back at what you have achieved so far. What has changed you? What are you grateful to yourself for?

The last night is a night of lightness and joy. The greatest darkness is behind you, the days are getting lighter again. Incense is also light and promotes the magic of a new beginning with chamomile, rose blossom, meadowsweet and mallow. Chamomile has a warming effect and conveys a feeling of security and opens the heart with rose blossoms. Meadowsweet creates lightness. Mallow gives you the certainty that negative energies cannot harm you.

It is said that there were a particularly large number of demons on the road last night. They mobilize the last of their strengths before disappearing into their realm for a year. Therefore, the inscence ritual is of particular importance today as a protective ritual.


In some traditions, the coming night is another part of the Rauhnächte. In the night of miracles, problems are solved as if by magic and even unfulfillable wishes come true. It is the day of the blessing for the coming year and is celebrated with gifts to the spirits such as milk and cheese. The vegan versions soja and vegan cheese will work also. 

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