I Love Me

Does self-love mean devaluing others?⁠


We can only give something and share it with others if we have something ourselves.⁠

If we don't have money, we can't share it with a beggar either. If we have no experience, we cannot pass it on.⁠

If we don't feel love, then we can't give it away. Then we seek instead to get something from others without being able to give anything.⁠

Therefore, the prerequisite for charity is that you like yourself and thus also feel love in you.⁠

Then we can first be selfless and generously give love without asking for anything in return.⁠

Then we can be tolerant, even if the other does not behave according to your ideas. Only then do we not have the feeling of being empty inside if nothing comes back from others.⁠

That means inner wealth and cannot be paid for with any money in the world.⁠

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