Let your Light Shine

Like most living beings, we also strive for light.⁠

Our most valuable source of light is the sun. Without the strength of the sun, humans, animals and plants cannot survive. It gives us warmth, food and water. Sunlight has a positive effect on our daily rhythm and causes hormonal reactions in our body that ensure that we are happy and healthy.⁠

With the discovery of fire, our ancestors found a new source of light - one that played an important role in traditional ceremonies and accompanied our ancestors through the darkness. Literally and metaphorically.⁠

We too all have a #unique light within us. Surely you know the famous glow in the eyes, for example, which always appears when something good happens to us in life.⁠

This glow can represent different things in us.⁠

It can be our soul that speaks here, our innate goodness, courage or an inner joy.⁠

Whatever it is, it is important to maintain this glow in life, or sometimes to find it first. ⁠

Because sharing this light with others helps us to be more content and happier with our own life.

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