The Art of Atmosphere

It is an art to design living spaces harmoniously - to recognize the laws of nature and to bring them into harmony with our environment. ⁠


In every culture there is an extensive, deep knowledge of the relationship between nature and humans. The secrets of the cosmic laws have also been explored at all times. In the east we know the teaching of Feng Shui, in the west we know the teaching of geomancy. The ancient Romans founded their settlements according to the formation of the landscape, the cardinal points and first researched the soil quality. Above all, the European church architecture, with the typical east-west orientation, gives us many examples of observing the flow of energy.⁠

But even in the Western Mysteries it is assumed that everything that surrounds us consists of energy. It is an interplay of higher energies, our direct environment and our own person. The concept of the 4 planes and thought forms together result in an energy pattern, which can also cause #magic in your own house. The Qabbalah is a philosophical science.⁠

Spiritual House Cleaning goes a little further than the well-known Feng Shui. It is not enough to just change a decoration or paint the room in a new color.⁠

Certainly, the ambience of a room is helpful. Symbols also generate automatic input and increase focus. ⁠

However, it is important to create a connection on the individual levels of existence, then things become more tangible and can manifest themselves.

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