The Head Thinks, The Belly Directs

The following thought occurred to me while reading the book "Supernormal" by Dean Radin:


In addition to our mind, there is also something what is known as the gut. Also called intuition and gut feeling. This mind, which is usually in the stomach ;-), is difficult - or rather not at all convincing.


We, in today's "modern" world, put everything on our head.


But this is very easy to influence with pictures, words and other external influences.

So we live most of our life under the influence of others.


For example, we buy more than we need - thanks to advertising, we have to lease the expensive car - so that the mother-in-law can also see that one is successful in life, don't let our children take a step outside alone - as we see the bad news in the world absorb into us every day - you probably know more examples of that.


What we learned as a child and what the masses do keeps us under its spell in life - or in the herd. But not our emotional life, it wants to break out.


But even if we get something presented as a fact, but the crowd acts differently or our immediate environment acts / thinks differently, we join in there.

If this then does not correspond to our own world inside (belly), there is bad mood in the body. This can also usually be reflected in illnesses.


The fact is, facts never change the way we think about anything.


Only emotions / feelings can do this. If we don't get emotional access to something, we will never internalize it.

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