Magic with Lentils

So much that comes from Mother Nature was seen as something magical in the past and therefore always had magical power.


Special plant shapes, roots, stones or colors.


Especially in the old days, when herbal medicine and magic were even more important, these things were usually seen as a gift from the goddess or mother earth.

This of course also includes the seeds and fruits of the plants and, among other things, the legumes, such as beans, peas and lentils. And as fruits of the earth, which played a very important role in nutrition and the averting of hunger, they were especially honored as a gift or a gift from the holy mother earth.

Particular attention is paid to the lenses in this topic, because a few months ago I had a kind of inspiration and the lens came to my mind several times. Above all, what magical things the witch can do with it ...


The lentil (Lens culinaris) is one of the oldest cultivated plants and was cultivated around 10,000 years ago in ancient Egypt and Asia Minor. Remnants of wild lentils have even been found in paleolithic caves in the Mediterranean. It is a heat-loving plant and is therefore mainly grown in the Mediterranean climate area.


As expected from such an important plant, it was also used for magic purposes. In superstition, customs and magic, the lens stands for money blessings, luck, love and health. Of course, certain rules and / or certain times (especially in Christian customs) had to be observed.


An old magic custom or superstition with lenses is listed here as an example:

In order to see if a husband was soon in prospect, a young woman had to go on December 24th. Silently cook the lentils in a new clay pot (i.e. Christmas) and close the lid with clay. She should then uncover the dishes upside down before midnight and place a chair upside down at the table, i.e. with the legs up. Now, while the lentils cooked on the stove, she had to look through the kitchen window from outside the house. If she then saw a man sitting at the table eating the lentils, this should be her future husband. But if she didn't see anything through the window, well, then she'd have to wait a little longer for the right one. Of course, this magic custom was also feasible for young men who were looking for their * lovely maid *.


Lentils have also been used as a lucky charm. So it was said, for example, who in the Christian or Christmas, on the evening of December 24th. If I ate lentils (with other legumes such as peas and millet), he would never run out of money the following year. *


There are so many different types and colors of lenses, but any of them can be used for magic. Color will certainly play another role here, similar to in other areas of magic. Red for love magic or fertility magic, black or dark brown lenses to banish negatives, white or light ones for protection and happiness, etc. etc. And of course lenses can also be used for oracles 


In the following I would like to write about a magic ritual that I put together myself.

The very simple, bright lenses are to be used here, because for me, as already mentioned above, they symbolize luck and protection.

This requires:


A pretty little bottle or a sealable glass, which can also be decorated or painted. Such as. with little goddesses (as mother symbol) or small letters (from the name) or flowers etc. There are absolutely no limits to your own creativity.


Bright lenses, the number according to the age or the date of the occasion.


Hair and a picture of the person concerned, or something similar that is closely related to this person.


A little bell that is supposed to summon happiness. This small bell can be placed in the bottle or attached to the outside with straps. If it then rings softly when you shake it, luck can be on its way.


A feather from a raven bird (whether crow, magpie or raven), because the raven bird stands for ancestors and goddess (or, depending on belief, gods). Of course, you can also use a different feather that fits the occasion, or you can use the feather of this person's power animal, provided you have already determined or selected it. 


And protective roots or herbs, such as mugwort, wormwood, laurel, etc. 


Dried flowers or petals, which may be the person's favorite flowers or remind of a very specific, profound event (such as the birth).


A little piece of paper with all the good wishes and magic formulas for the future.


Finally, a nice ribbon and candle or sealing wax to close the bottle.


Before it is sealed, the bottle should of course be consecrated and charged with good wishes in the form of small magic spells. I would like to leave the wording to everyone for themselves, here you should follow your very own intuition. It is then best to magically charge the witch's bottle (i.e. on the altar or at a location chosen for it) until the full moon appears in the sky again, i.e. for half a moon cycle. Through this all the magic of the waxing phase of the moon has unfolded in its full power.

On the full moon, the bottle is then tightly closed and sealed so that it can and should never be opened. Now the finished witch bottle is shaken well again so that everything starts moving, blends together and can work.


This bottle can be given away or bequeathed e.g. as a souvenir. Of course, the witch can also keep it for her own memory, in this special case of a time when children fledged so quickly.


I personally keep them in a special place. Every now and then I take it out, shake it 3 times vigorously and visualize all my good thoughts and wishes, whenever I think that someone needs some protection and luck ... And so I can always give some magic on the way.

Incidentally, these witch bottles can also be used for other purposes or spells, such as weddings, fertility spells, money spells  etc .. The content only has to be adjusted accordingly - and we witches always have a lot of ideas and imagination, as is well known.



In conclusion, I would like to point out that a large part of magic takes place in the magician himself and in his perception of the reality surrounding him. And this can and will have an impact on the people in his immediate invironment.


But even those who do not believe in this kind of magic will certainly be able to benefit from the sheer symbolic power of such ritual acts ... even if it is only (or just?) Unconsciously.

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