The moon in the 12 zodiac signs


Moon in aries:


Rituals to strengthen the leadership personality, all rituals that are related to the use of energy and "will".


Moon in Taurus:


Acquiring goods, real estate, gaining wealth and prosperity


Moon in Gemini:


Communication, moving, short trips, writing, writing, public relations


Moon in Cancer:


Protection rituals for house and yard, family matters


Moon in Leo:


Wishes for courage, social status


Moon in Virgo:


Harvest rituals, job finding rituals, health improvement, rituals for intellectual skills


Moon in Libra:


Wishes for justice, litigation, settlement of disputes, achievement of balance in any form


Moon in Scorpio:


Desires against sexual problems, rituals for profound changes, changes. Improve clairvoyance


Moon in Sagittarius:


Wishes for (long) trips and major changes of location (to other cities or countries), sporting activities


Moon in Capricorn:


rituals to promote career, political activities

Wishes for career advancement, political activities

Planning of all kinds, personal hygiene, working overtime, administration


Moon in Aquarius:


Wishes that concern friendship, rituals for freedom, sporting activities, creativity and art and new contacts, new ideas, money transfers, cooperation between colleagues


Moon in Pisces:


Desires to promote extra-sensory abilities, musical and artistic activities and relaxation, dancing, swimming, dreaming, performing necessary repairs

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