About the magical things

Magic exists. It's all around us, we just have to look and feel very carefully.


We accomplish magic itself through words, actions and sometimes also through the production of objects into which we bring our idea of magic.


These objects are  everywhere and all the time around us.


In the magical world a distinction is made between everyday things, natural things and supernatural objects, those that may have been given to us by a goddess or a god (depending on tradition) and which can sometimes lie directly at our feet, for example when we are hikeing through the forest.


There are everyday things in the house and yard, such as brooms, candles, wooden spoons, buckets, wooden wheels, iron nails, etc., and the natural things, such as plants, stones, water, earth or bones of animals.


Then there are also the supernatural things, such as specially shaped or rare stones, pieces of wood from trees that were struck by lightning, or conspicuously shaped branches, roots, special water from special sources ... everything that seems very conspicuous to us and what already has a certain magical aura by itself; but this is rare and can possibly only be grasped by a trained or knowing eye.


But even if they are conspicuous or special, it does not mean that they always have magical power on their own. This power will only develop through our action, through our belief in it and through our softly spoken word; also by certain circumstances or conditions, such as the times and place of the find.


These magical things, which are either taken from nature or from human creation, also often have a relation and meaning to the ancient pagan folk magic.


It is the magic of natural objects such as crystals or precious stones such as flint or specially shaped stones such as thunderbolts or perforated stones.

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