Candle magic

Candle magic is wrongly considered to be one of the easiest magical arts and is therefore often used in everyday life without much practice.


But it is a very effective and powerful form of magic. Before you even begin with such magic, you should be sure what you actually want to achieve, because unclear wishes also cause unclear results and thus cannot be recognized as the result of an applied magic.


The different types of candles in magic


Altar candles


Usually two larger, white candles are taken and placed in the two rear corners of an altar. These candles symbolize the deities. If only a single deity is to be invoked for a ritual, only a white candle is placed in the rear center of the altar. The altar candles are lit first and last extinguished.


The lighting and the extinguishing symbolically stand for the beginning and the end of a ritual.


Sacrificial candles


These candles are the most important in candle magic. They are put together in certain colors to match the purpose of the ritual. It can be just one candle or several.


Person candles



The person candles symbolize the person or persons who are the subject of candle magic. The color depends on either the favorite color or the zodiac sign of the person (s) concerned.


If neither the favorite color nor the date of birth is known, you can also use a white candle, because the color white is a neutral color and can generally always be used as a substitute color.

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