Spiritual purification with sound

Energy is vibration and vibration is energy.


The universe is also surrounded by vibration and is itself vibration. In many cultures it is believed that sound is the source of all. In the ancient Indian scriptures we find the umlaut "Om", which created everything. Since we ourselves are a vibration, we also react to the vibration from outside, we experience it in the positive, but also in the negative.


For years there have been discussions about possible damage from electrical smog, radio waves and cell phone waves.


We have created vibrations that should make our lives easier and now we find that they harm us. But vibrations are also an instrument of healing. Every cell in our body has a specific vibration behavior. cells whose natural oscillation pattern is disturbed become sick. Since cells react to vibrations, it also means that we can increase their vibration and harmonize. This happens e.g. through the sound.


If we are no longer in one-sound, we could reach this state with the help of sounds.

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