The accessories of a simple cleaning Ritual and the associated Elements. Element Air

The element of air is the liveliest of the four elements.


Air is constantly in motion and comes into contact with everything. It always brings changes, because it binds energies and carries them away. Everything has to give way to the force of the wind, almost everything is forced to move. We make use of this power when we cleanse. In the Western Mysteries and especially in the Qabbalah, the element air is assigned to the mental level, i.e. our thoughts so our thoughts are playing also a big role while we cleanse. 


All elements are interconnected, dependent on one another, and they control one another. Fire needs air so that it can burn and smoke is created. The basis of fire is the earth; without earth, fire has no basis. The fire leaves earth behind. The interaction of water and earth gives rise to life.



The entire creation consists of these elements and cannot exist without them.


When cleaning, we marry the elements and use their power to transform and renew the energies.

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