The accessories of a simple cleaning Ritual and the associated Elements. The consecrated Candle – Element of Fire

The accessories for a simple cleaning ritual and the associated elements

The consecrated candle - element of fire


The element of fire is the most fascinating and uncontrollable element. People have always been enthusiastic about fire. The fire holds a tremendous power, a power that we need for spiritual purification.


There is no element that has a stronger ability to transform.

The candle represents the element of fire and helps to burn off the darkness or the dense energies.


When you come into a dark room and turn on the light or light a candle, something very simple happens: the darkness has to give way. We use this effect for the cleansing ritual.

Ask the candle to use the fire to free the room from all burdening energies and to fill it with light.


The consecration of a candle can be done in a small ritual with a meditation as follows: Think intensely about how the candle should send away the darkness. Through this connection you create an inner intention, an energetic field. It penetrates the candle so that it will send out the exact information that you have given it.


It is still best if the candle is rubbed with consecration oil when it is consecrated. The oil should be a little thicker. Sage oil can be used for cleaning. If a special cleaning is necessary, for example to do a cleaning only for one topic, it makes sense to add appropriate additives that support the magical work / cleaning.



Even if you scratch a sigil in the candle or the name of the angel who is supposed to support you in your work, the power of the fire will increase.

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