ɦօա ɖօ ɨ ɖօ ǟ ƈʟɛǟռֆɨռɢ ʀɨȶʊǟʟ

Everyone knows rituals from their everyday lives.


All our consciously executed actions help us to look inside ourselfs again.


They are a connecting, and especially in the spiritual world we use them to achieve something what we want.


Rituals are powerful and help us to generate energy.


It is therefore important to consciously carry out a ritual. If you just burn some inscence, it does have an real effect (it only smells good), but an important part of doing a cleansing ritual would be missing.


Your awareness.


Therefore, this makes every ritual and every cleansing conscious.

Be THERE when you cleanse.



The spirit forms the matter. We should never forget that.

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