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Let's do a little exercise, a spiritual journey into your home.


Take half an hour and make sure nobody bothers you. Turn off the phone and hang a “Do not disturb” sign on your front door.

If it is easier for you to relax with music, then you can enjoy listening to your favorite music.


Lie down relaxed and find a comfortable posture. The energies flow best when you are really relaxed.


Feel your right toe for a moment. Feel intensely into it. Did you notice? You stopped thinking.


Use a blindfold or darken the room. No external stimuli should penetrate you. It is important now to penetrate deeply into yourself.


Come to rest.


Forget what is happening - or has happened - around you.

Watch your breath. Just let your breath flow. Feel the legs and arms.


There are two ways to make the journey in your home.


1. Be really there at home

2. Be there in your mind


If you are in your real house you can actually walk around the house and embrace every room with open arms. Use your arms as antennas. What do you feel. Pay attention to your feelings and proceed slowly. You may feel pressure or energies change. Do you sometimes feel some kind of density in the air?


Just let yourself into it and feel “inside”. Take a deep breath in and out. Visualize what you feel. What could it look like, this density. Where can it come from. You may receive images, emotions, smells, etc. Consider this.


Walk the whole apartment / house in this way.


This variant also works if you are making the journey mentally.

Lie down relaxed or sit down, you go through space in your mind.


Take your time. Trust your feelings. The important thing here is to be able to visualize well and to remember each room well.

If you feel an energy that is unusual, approach it with your mind. Where can the feeling come from? However, it is important to know the rooms.


If you are not there personally and can feel the energies, it is possible that foreign energies come from the environment in which you are currently located.


Therefore, I generally advise you to take the first variant, to be real in the room. Unless you are very familiar with the rooms, you can achieve good results with a spiritual journey.


Through these exercises you can maintain an energetic state of your house / apartment.


It helps you to become more sensitive to your surroundings and to recognize which places in your private environment look good on you and which may not do so well

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